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Ysgol Bro Plenydd PDG Grant 2014/15: £2,754

The school has received money from the government (Pupil Deprivation Grant) for every child who is entitled to free school meals. It’s statutory for the school to publish information on how it spends this grant.

Plans to spend the money is as follows:

Training sessions for parents on aspects of the Literacy and Numeracy Framework :

Help with recognizing letters and reading with children and to children.
Eirian Jones, the author of the phonics project ‘Tric a Chlic’ to give a presentation to parents on how to develop phonic skills and early reading skills by using the project which is already in use at school.

Purchase Stage 1,2 and 3 of parents’ packs ‘Tric a Chlic’ – fun and games activities to print out and play so that parents are able to use them at home as homework to develop phonic and reading skills.

Help with assisting children to use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division strategies, mental mathematics and practical strategies. Create ‘numeracy’ booklets for parents.

Help with assisting the development of handwriting.

Hold a training session on developing early play skills – how to play with children, modelling language and creativity.

Budget for 2 teachers to attend a playtime games course to promote playing in harmony and creativity at playtime.

Employ Mair Tomos Ifans to hold a playtime games session for Key Stage 2 pupils to train them to create games they can play on their own and with younger children.

Employ a class assistant to work for 5 hours a week [Summer Term, October Term and Spring Term] to develop key skills.

Use Dyfal Donc intervention programmes as well as Truggs games, Numicon and SAFMEDS.

Individual targets given to each pupil in literacy and numeracy. Use of Numicon and Truggs in group and one to one sessions.

Class assistant to work in individual sessions equivalent to a ‘month’ across the year.



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